Shilpika Gautam

Shilpika Gautam

Shilpika Gautam is a Guinness World Record-breaking climate advocate and a seasoned financial technology and capital markets executive.

She is co-founder and CEO of SALT - a fintech company on a mission to close the ~100 Trillion climate financing gap, unlocking every climate project that can cool our planet with speed, scale, and equity.

Shilpika has lived many professional avatars across four continents as a builder, operator, and leader. She built payments infrastructure for global banks, advised the world's largest institutional investors on capital allocation, and scaled B2B sales for early-stage SaaS companies.

Along the way, she has produced documentaries for the discovery channel & lived out of a tent on the world's most polluted rivers.  

In 2017, Shilpika became the first-ever person to stand-up-paddle the river Ganges in India from source to sea. This 3000km long journey across 101 days aimed to raise awareness, and advocate for equitable access to clean water- a crisis intertwined closely with the fallouts of a warming planet.

This journey laid the foundation for global advisory and keynote speaking engagements on our climate crisis and has helped inspire the origin story of SALT.

Shilpika holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science & Engineering and an MBA from IESE Business School in Barcelona. She currently lives in Berlin and is reachable on @shilpsgautam across all platforms.  


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