Liz Hagelthorn

Liz Hagelthorn

Liz Hagelthorn is a social-first storyteller and meme-maker with a diverse background in meme culture, technology, and organic virality.  She is the producer/host of Girl Gone Viral, a podcast featuring interviews with creative entrepreneurs, online community builders and academics about how storytelling on the internet really works.

Liz is currently Director of Social & Content at Coil, a service that provides additional methods for content creators to monetize their work online. Liz is most known for leading creative for the largest pseudonymous meme network on Instagram, overseeing creative strategy across 100+ accounts, 300M followers, reaching 1.2B people per month. Most notably, Liz was the face and creator behind the @girl account. She led the network’s acquisition in under two years.

Liz is an expert on subculture, future trends, youth and global influence. In 2021, Liz led a Web3 artist and developer collective to create the first ethereum gas tool for NFT artists and collectors to better understand platform fees. She works with high profile startups and celebrities to develop viral organic growth strategy, which have resulted in 100k+ per month followings on TikTok and Twitter. Liz has previously held positions at both Google and Twitter. Liz can be found @lizhagelthorn on all platforms.


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21 - 24 SEPTEMBER 2022