Fredrik Heghammar

Fredrik Heghammar

Fredrik Heghammar is a born maker, expert in innovation and digital production, with extensive blue chip and high profile experience.

After completing his education at the Aviation School of Technology, he worked as a jet engine mechanic, but shifted gears in the mid-nineties to enter the world of digital. Fredrik started his digital career in the mid 90’s as a web and interface designer and later became Managing Director/Partner for the digital agency, Perfect Fools. In 2012 Fredrik moved to New York to work for Google Creative Lab as a Senior Executive Producer, working with the marketing and innovations teams to build and evolve the Google brand and products. In 2015 I moved back to Sweden to found Another Tomorrow and later House of sparks. Fredrik Recently joined innovation software platform as Chief Transformation officer to help make innovation easy for their clients.


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21 - 24 SEPTEMBER 2022