Casey Hudetz

Casey Hudetz

Casey Hudetz is a product designer, speaker, teacher and award-winning filmmaker living in Chicago.

Ever since Casey received his master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction he has been designing digital products and services with a focus on emerging technologies (Voice, AR, AI and more). He is an experienced speaker, presenting on stages of all sizes on topics ranging from speculative design to AI to the history of damaged art. He is currently a Senior Product Designer at DocuSign. 

For the first decade of his career Casey traveled the globe in a variety of roles. His worldview was expanded by leading adventure trips in Central America, overseeing a communications team aboard a ship, volunteering as a beekeeper in Paraguay, producing marketing materials in South America & Australia, farming in New Zealand, Italy and more.

In his spare time you can find him biking around the city with his family, working on short films, coordinating design events and looking for ways to get back out into the world.

Masterclass at Gather 2022:

Black Mirror & The Power of Speculative Design

Debuting in 2011, the British sci-fi series Black Mirror immediately touched a nerve with a large audience. The show cleverly explores a wide variety of topics such as privacy, robotics, augmented reality, social media, smart homes, and, more broadly, the role of technology within society.

Similarly, the field of Speculative Design uses a variety of mediums to imagine possible futures and simultaneously provide a lens through which to see ourselves more clearly. Both Black Mirror and Speculative Design present countless “What-if?” scenarios that challenge us to consider the benefits and pitfalls that each new technology provides us.

Join Casey Hudetz as he reflects upon what lessons we can learn from Black Mirror’s cautionary tales, the growing field of speculative design and how we might create the future in which we all want to live.


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21 - 24 SEPTEMBER 2022