A Atrium Ljungberg

Our focus is to develop attractive urban environments in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Uppsala. Together with the municipalities, our customers and those who live in the city, we build vibrant urban environments where offices, housing and trade are mixed with culture, service, care and education. Our vision - Everyone wants to live in our city - leads us in the right direction. Our city is a place where everything you need and want is next door. Here, a number of activities meet that create exciting urban environments where all people choose to be. Here you can work, shop, do business, live, study, socialize and be entertained - everything that is part of life. Our places have a soul and here everyone should thrive. Where people choose to live - that is also where the city lives.

B Lantmännen

We make farming thrive Lantmännen is a co-operative owned by 19 000 Swedish farmers with a clear purpose: to make farming thrive. With operations throughout the value chain, we create value from farmland and reinvest our profit in farming of the future. For example, in research to develop more sustainable cultivation methods. By doing business with Lantmännen, you do not only get responsibly produced products, you are also contributing to making farming thrive. Together we take responsibility from field to fork.

D Swedbank

As a major bank, we are an important part of the financial system and play an important role in the local communities in which we are active. We are committed to a sound and sustainable financial development not only for our customers but also for society in general.

E Fastighetsägarna

Fastighetsägarna Stockholm (the Stockholm di- vision of the Swedish Property Federation) was established 150 years ago and supports different urban and community actors and builders. The fed- eration provides support for long-term and professional development by delivering insights, knowl- edge and tools. Through effective opinion-building, the federation drives issues surrounding Stock- holm’s real estate sector forward—sustainable urban development, effective housing policy and digitalisation. Its overall purpose is to work for a vibrant city that develops sustainably, today and in the future.

F FKP Scorpio

FKP Scorpio is a concert and festival organizer who works with both the world's greatest artists and with the artists we want to help become tomorrow's stars. Since 2011, we have arranged many hundreds of concerts and we are behind some of the most successful festivals and concert tours in Sweden. We are driven by our passion for fantastic live experiences, big and small, and follow our artists' careers from small club gigs to large arenas.


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