Gather noise is a niched conference for professionals working in or connected to the music industry.

By diving deep into questions that challenge our own personal narratives, we want to identify how shifts in society, politics, creativity and innovation are transforming the music industry as we know it. By opening our minds to new perspectives, we hope to instill a sense of inspiration in one another to think differently and do better in our own given expertise. Whether artistic, business-oriented, or at the crossroads of both, we all have a voice in the larger discussion.

Let's make some noise. 


Broder John

Ceylan Holago

Anna Landström

Benjamin Hailemariam

Erik Gossas

Narin Karadaghi

Michelle Kadir

Karolina Moberg

Paul Edwards Musoke

Joel Ighe

Kimberley Hagander

Dina Kristina Liberg

Denise Beniwa Johnson


Calle Dernulf

Becky & the Birds

Alfons Karabuda

Anna Kornelia Åberg

Oscar Höglund

Sibille Attar

Sorraya Touré

Destiny Natacha Rainey

Emelie Olsson

Iman Hazheer

Kerstin Ljungström

Paul Adamah

Nataša Marijana

Sulekha Daar

Sara Faraj


Ametist Azordegan

Adam Witsell

Linda Portnoff

Nicole Palacio



The music industry undoubtedly has one of the most complex ecosystems, so Noise seeks to disrupt and challenge these notions. How does politics affect music? What about money? How do you decide your worth as a creative, and can you crowdfund your way to success as an artist? What role will NFTs play in earning money? How do we make real change for the better?


The tech industry is an important, growing facet of the music industry. We live in an era where music is being shared and digested in never been done before ways. How important is data, and how can it change our working methods? What even is the multiverse? Are there unknown places that we need to discover? Is AI taking over our creativity, or can it help us boost it? 


Core content is everything these days. With social media, a challenge has arisen: the feeling that we need to constantly push our identity onto other people to feel valued and affirmed. Is this forcing artists and musicians to become influencers? Is it equally important for companies to have a strong identity? With this constant push for consuming new content, can we ever recycle it? What is the cost of shaping an artist's identity really worth - and who is it really for?


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21 - 24 SEPTEMBER 2022