This year, we have an added experience called Gather Night - a two-day affair that will take place across clubs, rooftops, basements, and brick buildings.

Taking over Slakthusområdet the best way we know how to, Gather Night will give music labels and clubs the chance to share their styles of music, art, and social life in immersive ways – with you as the captivating audience. Gather Night will be a unique addition to the week, giving a platform to up-and-coming stars from the Scandinavian club and music scene for all to enjoy!


Northern Electronics

Northern Electronics: Sonic Manifestations We present an evening of hyperbolic passages set in the synthetic woodlands. Seeking into abyssal depths in a set of practices of Nordic mind tricks, melancholia and beauty. Gravitating cognitive sequences between states of hope and hopelessness, whiplash rhythms and introspective aural manifestations. After the culmination, the body might have left and the acts have changed but the narrative stays the same. A refracting moment for fractured times.


Do you remember the joy and the euphoria?! Do you remember Indierave? Bryan Ferry and Lykke-Li are still crowded on our fabulous dance floors. Here, The Knife is on guard next to an army of Polyphonic Spree soldiers. Here, Broder Daniel and Sister Surround are tightly wrapped. Jarvis invites Little Simz to dance. The two dance floors are boiling with everything you just started to love and what you forgot that you miss. Everything is soaked in laser and a light show that makes Ibiza blush. You are invited to INDIERAVE. Oh, well. What's a royal ball? After all, I suppose it would be frightfully dull, and boring, and completely... Completely INDIERAVE! We are gilding the Gather festival with a club night after the gig with Destroyer at Slaktkyrkan. Dress code: The Indie stripes never go out.

Studio Barnhus + Swedish girls

Experience the Experience with Studio Barnhus + Swedish Girls Get lost in the center of our ”Mise en abyme’’ - spaces within spaces, inspired by emotions within emotions. An abyss of infinite sequences and sensory illusions conceptualized by Swedish Girls and soundtracked by Studio Barnhus.


Ladieslovehiphop will curate a showcase night of an eclectic dj lineup in collaboration with gather night. The showcase will take place in an intimate venue and embrace a broad mix of sounds like nostalgic edits, hip hop, amapiano and much more. More acts will be announced further on, save the date september 23 and stay tuned! DJ Lineup: Namarijana Miss Cc Nápoles

Gnistan records

Psst, can you keep a secret? To celebrate a year of Gnistan, a year of good music and good times, we wanted to invite you to a secret night out. Meet us at Gather Festival and we’ll show you what Gnistan is all about. Lineup: Secret Location: Secret


ALOADEDs XXXXXX is a continuation of ALOADEDs XXXXXXXX where we crammed a bunch of artists and djs in a Nightliner and (both figuratively and literally) made a scene at the Distortion Festival in Copenhagen earlier this year. Our showcase is not just for artists distributed by Aloaded but also artists who me and you are fans of. The idea is to showcase a wide range of great artists and DJs the ’Aloaded Way’. We’re not entirely sure exactly what the Aloaded Way is but it sure as hell is vivid, impulsive and nifty. This will definitely be reflected in the setting and overall feel we’ll provide you with.

Bukva Sound, Gosh! and Mental

Bukva Sound, Gosh! and Mental presents a night of UK sounds 3 floors Breakbeat/Jungle - Garage/2-step - UK Bass Feels like you are in South London INNIT?! Three Stockholm based club nights, united by the love from the bass music heritage from the island. They join forces to do a total takeover at Slakthuset.


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21 - 24 SEPTEMBER 2022