Noomi is the moniker of Stockholm born singer-songwriter and producer Amanda Börjeson. Raised in a music family she was being trained as a classical and folk violinist and vocalist, and was exposed to pop music for the first time in her late teenage years. Discovering a new world of music and particularly falling in love with the 90’s UK prodigies Massive Attack, Björk and Cocteau Twins she started to make music under ‘Noomi’ seamlessly weaving together genres and influences from classical and folk together with esoteric electronical productions. Releasing her debut EP ‘Life Aqua’ in 2021 with support from DAZED, CLASH, Notion and METAL to name a few, she’s now emerging with new music in 2022 and continues to be someone to look out for in the European pop space.

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24 - 25 SEPTEMBER 2021