Karolina Moberg

Karolina Moberg is the Marketing Director for Live Nation Sweden and Luger. Live Nation Sweden and Luger are Sweden’s leading live music and event arrangers, responsible for more than 3000 live events and festivals annually. For example Lollapalooza Stockholm and Way Out West. Karolina has an extensive background working with high-profile brands, entertainment and pop culture as well as leading her marketing teams in the digital media landscape. Karolina comes from a diverse Marketing background through her previous roles such as the Nordic Brand lead for MTV and the Communications Director at the global media network ViacomCBS (Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Paramount). She has also worked as a Marketing and Communications consultant and educates as a Course Director for Berghs School of Communication and Resumé Akademi. In addition, Karolina is a frequently engaged and trusted panelist that holds lectures in a wide range of different industries.

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24 - 25 SEPTEMBER 2021