Benjamin Hailemariam

In 3 years Benjamin, Viktor (co-founders), and Mose Haregot (CEO and founder) Has grown from a 3 man operation with a hotel lobby as an office. To 1 000 daily active users, 2 offices, in Stockholm and Copenhagen with a staff of 20, operating in the nordics and the UK. All this, driven by one strong belief. Being a driver in the creator economy. The Society icon ad-tech platform that has been developed enables some of the Nordic's biggest media buyers and brands to convert their most loyal customers into their own extended marketing department. For the brands: Real-time first-party data on the desktop platform. And for the creators: giving access to major brands, through the Society icon app. Benjamin deeply believes - from the individual's perspective - that the platform can become a driving force in the rising creator-economy. “When we can see that we are rewarding small content creators around the country, not with gifts and products but with actual money. Creating a platform where creative individuals can slowly transfer their content creator hobby to real income. regardless of what your passion is.” Today the team at Society icon is working with some of the biggest media buyers such as Live Nation, IKEA, ICA, Adidas, and Sonos. In the meantime, Benjamin together with his tech team is responsible for all product development and ensures that the app develops in step with how the media landscape moves. Some of his other interests are music, design, art, videogames and volleyball. Prior to co-founding Society icon Benjamin Hailemariam was freelancing within photography and film. Working with Redbull, L´Oréal, Cmore and the Swedish Royal Family for many years.

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24 - 25 SEPTEMBER 2021