Adam Witsell

Adam has always loved using new technology to create experiences and tell stories. He started as a 3D-animator in the mid 90s, but transitioned to realtime visual art and interactive installations because of the experimental and performative nature of that as opposed to the slow, meticulous process of rendered 3D.In this space he created work together with musicians, dancers and clubs. Throughout his career he has led creative and technical teams in everything from visual fx, commercials, games, advertising and stage performance.He developed the Immersive Design lab at McKinsey Design where he created new ways to do user research, team collaboration and iterative user testing with high profile clients using VR and AR. Mid 2021 he co-founded Superficial Machines, a startup working in the cross section of music culture, web3 and immersive technology. Superficial Machines aim to build a global grass root network that will enable more and better shared music experiences for us all, and for creators in this space to make a living doing what they love and own their output.

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24 - 25 SEPTEMBER 2021